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Born in Kisumu County Kenya in Dec 1988 Ochanda Gabon-Okoyo came onto the scene with a impact.  The only child of six that made the water break from his mother. MC Kadero came to make waves. 

From elementary school to middle school Ochanda became a talent show phenom.  Showcasing talent only comparable to a young Michael Jackson.  He would immerse himself into the world of hip hop and join a high school rap group known as Black City Boyz.

During college he decided to take a break from music and focus on his studies. Becoming a degree holder in electrical technology.  Later he would find out that his entertainment career would be even more shocking.

April 2022 MC Kadero hosted his first after hours party and the rest is history.  Since last year MC Kadero has hosted Afrofest Omaha(the biggest African festival in the midwest), Afrofest Gala, seven birthday parties, two baby showers and, two weddings.

With a 15 year public speaking background and musically gifted mind MC Kadero is truly....The #1 emcee in the game!!!


MC Kadero green screen
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